2008 Leaf Certified Materials Football

At the end of September, Donruss released Leaf Certified Materials Football – and we were look enough to open a box.

2008 Leaf Certified Materials Football

  • 5 cards/pack
  • 10 packs/box ($80)

The packaging promoted four autograph or memorabilia cards, and that’s exactly what we got. There is some nice photography here and plenty of rookies to keep the fans happy. Here are some of the top cards we pulled, and the video will cover the rest.

  • 1 red parallel: DeSean Jackson (numbered to 250
  • 1 gold “rookie” parallel: Brad Cottam (numbered to 25)
  • 1 Certified Potential rookie: Mario Manningham (numbered to 1,000)
  • 1 New Generation Rookie: Martellus Bennett (numbered to 1,500)
  • 1 New Generation Rookie Auto: Terrell Thomas (numbered to 999 with a horrible signature)
  • 1 Freshman Fabric patch: Steve Slaton (numbered to 599)
  • 1 Certified Potential patch: Steve Slaton (numbered to 250)
  • 1 Fabric of the Game triple patch: Alan Page (numbered to 50)

And here’s the exciting video of the box break:

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