Will the 'old' Favre ever resurface?

Does anybody remember the old Brett Favre? Not the graying, wrinkled
and hobbled man that eventually made his way to the podium following
the Vikings’ NFC Championship loss to the Saints on Sunday. Not that
guy, he’s a phony. You know, the genuine guy with the smirky smile and
the country-boy personality that used to honestly break down the recap
of thefavrebfc.jpg game instead of the latest version who seems to come in with a
calculated, predetermined agenda that ultimately dreams he’d be treated
and evaluated as he had been in years past. You remember, the years
when he could literally do no wrong, he knew it and despite that, he
didn’t seem to care if anybody criticized him because he was staying
true to himself and who he was.

Today’s Favre, or Faux Favre as I call him, seems like he’s more
interested in how he’ll be viewed and what his legacy will be when
finally hangs it up and awaits a trip to Canton. And all that despite
his many words to the contrary. He insists he’s comfortable in terms of
how he’s currently being perceived and that he’ll let his career speak
for itself, but yet every time somebody sticks a microphone in front of
him he blurts out something that leads you to believe that perception
is something he cares very deeply about. We’ve heard Favre say time and
time again that he doesn’t worry that anything he does in these later
stages of his career will overshadow or tarnish all that he’s
accomplished during his glory days in Green Bay, but yet everything he
says these days makes us beg to differ.  

During Sunday’s post-game conference in which Favre kept credentialed
media members waiting during his typical 15-minute delay, when he
wasn’t busy working the crowd for sympathy with his teary-eyed comments,
Favre was busy trying to declaw the scribes who looked to devouring
him for his latest mistake.
“Of course, I can’t print anything for you guys,” he said, “but I know I’m going out on top, one way or the other.”

The old Favre would’ve never even went there. He would’ve never
addressed his legacy and he would’ve never pleaded with the media to
call off the dogs because he wouldn’t of cared what was written. He
would’ve manned up and said exactly what happened on the Vikings’ last
offensive play. He would’ve said what we all saw and what we all knew
the moment he let that errant throw from his hand. He would’ve said
instead of opting for the safer, less-exciting option of hurling his
aching body forward and taking the four or five available yards and
giving his team a chance at a makeable field goal, that he instead went
for the Favresque play that consisted of locking on to his new go-to
guy (the third option on the play) and forcing an unorthodox throw into
tight coverage.

If he would’ve simply fessed up and admitted that’s exactly what
happened, he would’ve been forgiven by the fans, the media, the
doubters and the single-minded haters that were actually hoping he
would fail. But instead of going that route and letting the old Favre
resurface, we saw the new Favre doing what new Favre does: subtly
implying that his decision was the right one despite the indisputably
wrong outcome.

The very essence of the love affair that most of had with the old Favre
was that he was nothing if not real. Just one of the guys, out there
having fun and gett’r done. In sports, superstars are built up to be
more than they actually are and unfortunately they can fall from that
rarified air even quicker. Brett Favre, old or new, will never
completely fall out favor with fans or the majority of the media, but
the new Favre is sure making it easier to forget about the reasons we
all liked this guy in the first place.

5 thoughts on “Will the 'old' Favre ever resurface?

  1. Hips Houdini on said:

    Nice article man. I’m still hanging on in the playoff pool, GO BREES, GO DALLAS CLARK!

  2. Sandy on said:

    I couldn’t have wrote my thoughts about Favre any better….too bad…why does everyone with fame and money someday change?


  3. Justin on said:

    Scott, I usually love your articles, but I don’t get this one. I know Favre and he’s a great guy who truly loves the game, the fans, and his team. The only people he truly hates…the media. That’s due to the lack of respect that he’s received over the last few years. The guy is the same old Brett. He’s cautious though, due to how he’s been bashed during that time frame by various members of the media. Some "brilliant" journalist decided to look too deeply into Favre’s actions and comments. From there, the Favre bashing took off.

    Don’t get caught up in that! You’re a much better journalist. If you are going to use your column to talk bad about an athlete, stick to those who are sporting criminal records, etc… Don’t pick on the guy who cares about God, family, team, football, and fans over his legacy or the ego of "experts" in the sports world. "Faux Favre"? That’s a little too much buddy…

  4. ty4orce on said:

    I believe everyone is entitled to their opinion………everyone can say what they want about Brett Favre but just imagine this if he would have threaded the needle on that pass would we be hearing any of this negativity once again….I do not think so …..ever since he left Green Bay all we hear is the negative and a lot of two faced remarks this whole season he had done really well and you hear he is playing incredible and for his age …….there are some that dislike Favre and will always have something negative to say….but Brett had a remarkable season and it was not because of Adrian Peterson but because of Brett Favre…………..like this man who has played through some serious injuries these past few seasons that any other normal QB would have sat out the season yet still played needs to hear more negativity…….did he really play that bad this season to deserve this?In my opinion no he deserves a lot better………yes this 40 year old stills hits the field with every intention on winning each and every game digging that old body out of the turf just to get back up again and march his team back down the field…….maybe it would have been better if he would have lost that game by 40 points rather than bring it to OT maybe we would not of heard anything if the game would have been blow out……..why would the Jets and the Vikes sign him or any team at that the reason because he is Brett Favre………if I had to deal with all the things Brett had to deal with these past few years yes it would hurt mentally and emotionally……
    these are my thoughts thank you………

  5. Michael (stryke3_mb) on said:

    I agree with you ty4force! He has dealt with so much, yet he still works through it. He’s one of the toughest and most passionate guys in NFL history, if not THE toughest and most passionate! As with what Justin wrote, Favre is a family friend. Every time I’ve ever been around him, he’s as nice as can be. Basically, he’s just a good ol’ country boy. With the way he’s scrutinized, I can see how he would be very catious in talking with media. I honestly don’t know if I could handle that… I admire him for the person he is and what he stands for, not just the player. He’s done so much for our community, and I’m sure it won’t stop anytime soon! I hope you give it another go next year buddy!