Whirlwind Sports Week With Something For Everybody

We're smack dab in the middle of one of the busiest sports weeks of the
year and sports fans around the country are as blissful as can be. Well,
with the exception of the bitter Philadelphia Eagles fans but more on
that later.

Whether you're a fan of baseball, football, basketball or even golf,
this week provides a little something for everybody.

To Much Of A Good Thing Is Just Bad
The MLB season kicked off on Sunday with the first of the Yankees-Red
Sox (seemingly) 40 matchups of the season. I understand that the teams'
rivalry is the biggest in the game and perhaps all of sports but enough
already with the same teams being featured as the national Game of the

I remember back in the late 1990s when ESPN fell in love with the big
boppers and the Barry Bonds-led Giants seemed to battle the Mark
McGwire-led Cards every other night. This of course was during the
height of the Steroid Era and it made sense to feature the game's best
sluggers as much as possible, but I saw so many Cardinals games (against
my will) that I felt as though I had become good friends with the guy
sitting directly behind the plate at Busch Stadium after seeing him so
much. I have no problem with the Yankees or the Red Sox but wouldn't the
rivalry be even more special if we were only “treated” to it say five
or six times per season instead of the 40 times we currently are?

Coach K's Gets The Crazies

After Duke pulled out a hard-fought two-point victory over Butler to
claim the school's fourth national title Monday night I heard a lot of
talk about Coach K being one of the best coaches of all time and perhaps
he is. But before we anoint him the second coming, let's review the
final 3.6 seconds of the game and his decision to have center Brian
Zoubek intentionally miss his second free throw with Duke holding a slim
61-59 advantage.

Now, Zoubek is just a 55-percent free throw shooter so instructing to
make the free throw would be a coin flip at best, it was still the right
choice when you consider the score and the magnitude of the game. Let's
say Zoubek tries and does make the free throw. It puts Duke up 62-59
with 3.6 seconds left for Butler to inbound the ball and attempt a
rushed three-pointer for the tie. Any with the Dukies playing prevent
defense, meaning stay close to your guy but not close enough to even be
considered for a foul, the worst possible outcome would've been

Coach K's gamble nearly came back to bite him when Gordon Hayward
sprinted up the right s

ide of the court after pulling down the Zoubek
miss and coming within an inch of banking in what would've been the best
three-pointer in tournament history. But why give Butler a chance to
win it with a three? Coach K later said he took a chance because he
didn't want Butler to be able to set up an inbounds play and didn't want
to go to overtime because of his team's foul trouble. Understandable I
guess, but instead of doing the right thing and attempting to make the
free throw and taking your chances with a three-point lead (or a
two-point lead and the ball in play and the clock ticking with a Zoubek
non-intentional miss), wouldn't you rather go into overtime and hope
your depleted lineup could finish off the Bulldogs versus having
Hayward's shot land one inch lower on the backboard and fall in, leaving
you on the short end of a 63-62 decision?

Coach K is a great a coach and when he eventually decides to call it a
career he might be considered one of the best ever, but with a National
Championship on the line, you have to play the percentages and put your
team in a no-lose situation. I'm not a Duke-hater like so many others
out there but if that decision would've backfired and Butler would've
won, I would have enjoyed all of the Coach K supporters try to defend
his very questionable decision.

Friendship Outweighs Logic In Philly

In football news, the rumored Donavan McNabb trade finally went down but
he didn't end up where most thought he would. Surprisingly, McNabb
ended up being traded within the Eagles own division to the Washington
Redskins. Not sure what type of offers the Eagles fielded before pulling
the trigger on the deal but unless the other offers were far less than
the early-second round pick and a third or fourth-round selection, I
don't understand why any team would consider trading a franchise
quarterback like McNabb to a division rival. Many believe Eagles
coach/GM Andy Reid wanted to appease McNabb and his friendship with the
long-time Eagle prompted the move that is typically regarded as taboo by
most NFL executives.

My theory is Reid didn't want to crush McNabb's spirit by trading him to
the Raiders and in the process opened himself up to heavy criticism by
sending him to Washington. I hope the two can remain friends after the
new-look Eagles get a pair of beat downs by the Redskins the next couple
of years and Reid ends up being kicked to the curb himself. Hopefully
McNabb will return the favor and be there for Reid at his time of need
as well.


One thought on “Whirlwind Sports Week With Something For Everybody

  1. Arnie on said:

    I love to see the Yankees play the Red Sox. I love to see the Mets, the Dodgers, all the popular teams. Who wants to see San Diego play Arizona? Give us the major matchups over and over again, fine with me.