We can handle the truth, just try us

Just got the release from the Green Bay Packers front office stating
the team will be raising ticket prices next season. I’m not a
season-ticket holder but I do get to my share of games each year, went
to five at Lambeau and saw the Packers battle the Steelers at Heinz
Field so I definitely consider myself a fan of the team.
According to the information sent out, the increase will be $8-$11 per
ticket depending on which part of the bowl the tickets are located.
Packers’ President Mark Murphy states in the letter that the increase,
the second such increase in the last two years, is crucial for the team
to “stay $10000.jpgcompetitive both on and off the field” and the adjusted rate
will bring the team closer to the NFL average. While I’m paraphrasing,
the letter adds that the increase will allow the team to focus its
financial resources toward a more competitive team and not be in the
disadvantage they were.

Now, the majority of Packer tickets will run you about $60 ($69 in
2010) which is fair and actually ranks 30th of the 32 NFL teams so I
have no problem with another increase. What I don’t understand is why
Murphy felt it necessary to explain the team’s actions. While there is
some truth to the reasoning Murphy provides and some will find the
“honesty” refreshing, those in the know realize that the real reason
for the increase is because the team is looking to stockpile some money
in case the impending 2011 lockout comes to fruition. And while that
makes financial sense and any good business will proactively address
its issues, for once it would be nice to have team officials come right
out and tell us the truth. It will never happen of course because the
team would then be asked to give the added revenue if there is no
lockout but one can always dream.

And the truly WTF statement that made me wonder how dumb they think the
fanbase is was the one stating it would “help the Packers become more
competitive both on and off the field.” I understand the on-field
competitive factor, we all want that, more money means more
opportunities to be factor in the free-agent market and to resign their
own players. But being competitive with other NFL teams off the field?
Does that mean that the Packers are looking to upgrade the team
stationery or get a new color printer to keep up with the Cowboys?  

Again, I understand that increases in ticket prices are going to happen
from time to time but it sure would be nice to have seen the memo sent
out something similar to this:

“We at the Green Bay Packers regret to inform you that we will be
increasing ticket prices by $8-$11 (most will be $11) per ticket for
the 2010 season. We realize we increased ticket prices less than two
years ago but we’re 30th among the 32 NFL teams and we feel it’s about
time the “Lambeau Field Experience” and its storied history is
compensated. We also need to cover our asses in case the uncapped
season of 2010 leads to a lockout in 2011 and there are no games being
played. At that time, instead of mass firings, we’ll be able to gorge
the salaries of those who don’t get the boot and survive until cooler
heads prevail and football resumes. We’re also looking to acquire a
Darrell Revis-type cornerback in the free agent market and shut-down
corners don’t come cheap. Unless you missed our swiss-cheese-like
defensive effort in the playoff game against the Cardinals, you know
that will be money well spent. Soi please no bitching about the
increase, you want to win a Super Bowl don’t you? Go Pack go!”

Now that would be a team statement I could wrap my arms around. Sorry,
nodded off there for a second. What was I talking about?  

2 thoughts on “We can handle the truth, just try us

  1. cory on said:

    Seeing as how this year might be uncapped every team will need all the money it can get.

  2. N.Lubik on said: