Vote For 7th Inning Stretch Blog and Win

Many in the trading card industry were very happy last week when Upper
Deck announced its first-ever “Social Media Awards” designed to
recognize the top trading card online communities, bloggers and video
box-breakers. Upper Deck’s Facebook page where nominations were being
accepted saw increased traffic as passionate collectors wanted to share
their favorite picks with others. Now that the nominations have closed,
Upper Deck has opened up official voting for the awards today (March

“It’s been a lot of fun to see trading card communities, bloggers and
video box-breakers get excited about the opportunity that comes with
the Upper Deck Awards,” said Chris Carlin, sports marketing manager for
Upper Deck. “To be honest, recognition like this is long overdue as
many of those nominated have put in a tremendous amount of work to make
this industry better as they are certainly passionate about it. We hope
it will be seen as a healthy competition designed primarily to help
create awareness for all those nominated and ultimately to recognize
those who have been doing some great things in their respective

To vote for your favorite, click on the categories below and make your choice.

Best Online Community: To Vote Click HERE
Best Blogger: To Vote Click HERE
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trong>Best Video Box-Breaker: To Vote Click HERE

The top five communities will receive links from Upper Deck’s Community
page and will be featured in an article on the Upper Deck Blog. The
No. 1-rated online community will receive a trophy, a variety of
unopened product, a LeBron James-signed UDA basketball and a 2009 NFL
Rookie Photo Shoot signed football (autographed by more than 25
players) to use as giveaways with their community of loyal collectors.

The top five bloggers will receive links from the Upper Deck Blog and
will also be featured as part of an entry about their blogs there. The
top-rated blogger will receive a special trophy, a variety of unopened
product and a 2009 NFL Rookie Photo Shoot signed football. (If
the 7th Inning Stretch Blog is voted the winning blog, Tuff Stuff will
pass along our winnings to our valued voters by holding a drawing and
giving away the 2009 Signed NFL Rookie Photo Shoot ball. If we win, you
will too so vote for the 7th Inning Stretch Blog and our partners at
Sports Card Forum in the Best Online Community category.)

The top five video box-breakers will receive a free box of Upper Deck
product to review and have their individual videos featured on Upper
Deck Diamond Vision. The top video box-breaker will receive a variety
of product for the next year and have every video of theirs featured on
Upper Deck’s Diamond Vision site.

Voting ends on Monday morning, April 5, at 9 a.m. PDT. Winners will then be announced on Wednesday, April 7.