Remember When The World Series Was Must-See TV?

Not sure if you’ve been paying attention but the World Series is going on and unlike some of the Fall Classics in recent years, it’s actually been pretty entertaining.

I’m not sure what happened to the World Series over the last couple MLBLOGO.jpgdecades but I remember when the Series was must-see TV and everything else took a back seat as far as TV viewing goes. It used to be that all of the other sports would’nt dare go head to head with the Series but that’s no longer the case because the network programmers have seen that college and NFL football telecasts can no hang with the Series in terms of drawing viewers.

While the numbers for this seasons’ Series between the Yankees and the Phillies are way up from last seasons’ yawner featuring the Phils and Tampa Bay (2008 Series was an all-time low so the numbers had no where to go but up), the Series still doesn’t seem to carry the cache it once did. FOX can thank the Yankees and the star power of the Phils for the boost but a simple scheduling change could actually increase those totals even more.

With college and NFL teams just hitting the juiciest part of their respective schedules when the Series typically gets underway in late October, wouldn’t it make sense to start the MLB season a few weeks earlier? This would keep the sports public focused on baseball until it’s conclusion rather than losing millions of viewers to football not to mention the start of the NBA season which also coincides with the Series.

All of these events at one time is sports fan heaven but programmers should realize that football is king and that there are only so many pieces of the pie to go around. By moving the season’s start date back a few weeks MLB would solve its overcrowding issue and baseball might be able to revert back to its glory days as being the No. 1 sport in the country. Until a change like that is made, football will continue to rule the day and the World Series will continue to receive the same amount of chatter around the water cooler as the Virginia Tech-East Carolina game will come Friday morning.

One thought on “Remember When The World Series Was Must-See TV?

  1. steve emerick on said:

    I dont think its a matter of when but how.

    Baseball has lost its lustre! Whether it be free agency, High dollars, steroid scandals what have you, baseball is not the same sport it was in my youth. I remember the 1975 World Series and my parents letting me stay up on school nights to watch the games , I remember not missing a postseason game from 1968 thru the late seventies when my working career began to interfere with my tube time. Now, I find myself making it a last option of tube choices. Sure I tried to watch some of every world series every year but if I miss it so what?

    The big market teams buy up the big name players and the small dogs get squashed. There is no more watching and waiting for players to grow within an organization instead a team might mortgage its future to win now with trading deadline deals. There is no chance of david meeting Goliath in a world series due to these problems. Another problem is post season just lasts too long , back then it was no playoffs just winner of NL vs winner of AL.. then we had a 5 game championship playoff and a world series now we have wild cards and divisional series and then a championship series and then the world series. Our collective attention span is just not that great! back then we had day baseball on saturdays and Sundays , now all the world series games are prime time telecasts. Truthfully I dont have the time or desire to give up every evening! The

    Broadcasters even add to the problem, they are all so ‘Vanilla’ where is the excitement of a Harry carey or Jack Buck, instead we get the drone modes!

    Baseball needs to shorten the season back to 154 games. Have 3 game playoff rounds until the nl/al championship series. re-balance the leagues so that you have a big market league and a little dog league to give fans from Pittsburgh and Cincinatti something to root for all season. America loves an underdog! Lower ticket prices so families can attend and enjoy! (Is a .260 utility infielder really worth a 2.1 million dollar contract?)Greed and scandal has ruined the sport of my youth and the return has been negative and it will continue in a downward spiral until it eventually eats itself! Then and only then can baseball begin to rise back to prominence in our culture!