Not So Deep Thoughts: Tiger's Case Closed But More Trouble On The Horizon

By now, unless you’ve been locked away at a Fat Farm trying to shed off
excess Turkey Day pounds you’ve heard of Tiger Woods’ one-car accident
outside his mansion last Friday morning. While several of the questions
regarding the investigation have been answered, many more remain

We now know that Woods will have to pay $164 for his driveway detour
and we also know that he’ll have four points added to his driving
record. The Florida Highway Patrol has now closed the investigation and
Woods will not be subject to any other fines or penalties but Tiger may
now be facing something far worse.

US Weekly has announced today that has acquired phone and text messages
from a woman who had an affair with Woods. Now this is the second such
woman linked to Woods, with the first denying a relationship with the
world’s best golfer from the get go. Apparently the more recent
allegations have a little more substance than the first and if messages
include texts from Woods like US Weekly claims, Tiger’s hellish week
has only just begun. While other woman have made similar claims that
were later dismissed and life went on for the athlete in question, if
the woman’s claim can be proved, Tiger’s world as he knows it will
likely be over.

I’m taking a wait-n-see approach on this one, but with all the
unanswered questions that came from the initial incident, it’s looking
more and more like the golf club Elin used to break out the back window
of his Escalade was likely her attempt to free his head from his body
and not him from the SUV as has been reported.

So, tune in tomorrow for the next episode of “As Tiger’s World Turns,” as this appears to be an ongoing saga of must-see TV.

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