Not So Deep Thoughts: Random Thoughts

Just a few quick thoughts on some of the recent news in the world of sports.

The new year brings with it the end of the great career of pitcher Randy Johnson.

The future Hall of Famer hangs up his cleats with 303 victories, five Cy Young awards, 4,875 strikeouts and is one of only four pitchers to have more than 125 wins in both the American and National Leagues. Congrats on an amazing career, Cooperstown here you come.

Gilbert Arenas will likely found out today how long he’ll be suspended by the NBA for bringing several handguns into the Wizards locker room. Apparently, Arenas brought the guns into the arena as a joke to try and intimidate a teammate who owed him several thousand dollars from a poker game. Apparently the teammate wasn’t ponying up the money he owed and Arenas thought it would be funny to bring in his arsenal of weapons in an effort to move the proceedings along a little bit quicker.

After the bone-headed move became public, Arenas apologized for a lack of judgment and stated that he only brought the guns in because he didn’t want to leave them at home where his children might find them around the house. What?? This guy makes more than $12 million a year and he can’t afford a gun locker? If you make that kind of dough and you have guns you need secured you should build a guest house near your residence just to keep them away from your children. It never ceases to amaze me how when athletes are busted for doing something stupid, they almost always say something even more stupid when describing their actions. Most of them have a team of PR guys who guide them through situations such as this but apparently Arenas got his staff at the same place he got the guns because if that’s the best they could come up with, they, and not the guns, should be the ones fired.

Look for Arenas to be suspended for the rest of the season once the long arm of the law – aka David Stern – gets done with him. And that might be getting off easy.

Speaking of stupid, did you hear about how the NHL’s Edmonton Oilers celebrated New Year’s Eve? After a storm forced the team to spend the holiday in Calgary, the team whooped it up at a local establishment and then threatened to walk out without clearing up the tab after they weren’t given what they felt should be the “customary” 50% professional team discount. The Oilers ate and drank their way to a $16,796 bill and then claimed they shouldn’t have been charged full price for liquor bottles they opened and drank straight from the bottle before returning the unfinished portion. They claimed they should have been charge bottle prices for shooters and ultimately left the restaurant paying $12,381, or more than $4k less than what they owed.

We’ve all received a bill at the end of the night that exceeded what we planned on spending when walking in. But when faced with a situation like that, we all dig a little deeper and find a way to settle up. We don’t start going through the tab line by line and start begging for special discounts. The team has a combined payroll of more than $50 million so I’m sure if they all pooled together their resources, they could have settled up without issue. And perhaps paid the bill in full like everybody else would have.

In hobby news, the top-10 list for NFL jersey sales was announced recently and seven of the 10 making the list were surprise, surprise – quarterbacks. The list included signal callers included Brett Favre, Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Tom Brady, Tony Romo, Eli Manning and Ben Roethlisberger. The real surprise was that Troy Polamalu was second on the list despite missing 11 games this season and Adrian Peterson was fifth on the list and that rising star Chris Johnson didn’t make the list at all. C’Mon Nashville, step it up. Another surprise, Jason Witten rounded out the top-10.     

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