Not So Deep Thoughts: Limbaugh An NFL Owner, Not Bloody Likely

The news regarding radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh attempting to become a minority owner of his hometown St. Louis Rams has set off quite the firestorm. Really?

Who knew a controversial, divisive, right-wing talk show host known for his conservative views and his racist comments would be met with opposition when trying to buy an NFL team which just happens to be made up of 2/3 Afro-Americans. What a shocker.

I guess the most surprising news to me regarding his possible acquisition is not that it was quickly opposed by Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, but that Limbaugh and his massive following are outraged that rush_264522gm-a.jpghe wasn’t met with open arms.

“I, myself, couldn’t even consider voting for him,” Irsay said at an
owners meeting. “When there are comments that have been made that are
inappropriate, incendiary and insensitive … our words do damage, and
it’s something that we don’t need.”

Irsay likely isn’t alone on this but was the first one to speak out publicly about his opposition to Limbaugh becoming part of the NFL family. Prospective owners must be approved by 24 of the league’s 32 teams.
Irsay is the first owner who has stated unequivocally he would reject
Limbaugh because he made a habit of “demonizing individuals” but my guess is that many more exist and will surface when the behind-closed-doors vote is taken.

Several NFL players have already stated publicly that they would never play for a team owned by the controversial Limbaugh and who could blame them. Limbaugh has made several derogatory comments regarding blacks during his lengthy stint as a syndicated radio talk show host and those comments didn’t go unnoticed by the league or its players.
Some of the disparaging comments Limbaugh has made include:

(According to transcripts posted on his own website), in 2007 Limbaugh
said: “The NFL all too often looks like a game between the Bloods and
the Crips without any weapons. There, I said it.”

During his brief stint as an analyst with ESPN in 2003 Limbaugh said (regarding Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donavan McNabb):
“I think what we’ve had here is a little social concern in the NFL. The
media has been very desirous that a black quarterback do well.”

Limbaugh was forced to resign from his position with ESPN shortly after the comment. One would think the experience would’ve gave him some indication about how his current situation would be viewed by league officials and owners, but Limbaugh threw his name in the hat nonetheless. While making statements such as those don’t necessarily make Limbaugh a racist, they certainly don’t add many new faces from the black community to his fan club.

But seriously folks, did anybody really believe that a guy with his history of controversy and a laundry list of racist comments attributed to him would be met with open arms? The NFL is a cash-cow juggernaut that spends millions of dollars each year to grow its marketability, polish it’s already tarnished image and steer clear of anything remotely close to being considered controversial.

While Limbaugh becoming an actual owner is still just a thought at this point and an actual vote wouldn’t take place for several months, judging by how quickly the commissioner, Irsay and others spoke out against the premise makes it all a moot point because it just ain’t happening. The NFL takes a mob-like approach to people that can say or do things to tarnish it’s well-groomed image, it eliminates them. While there will be no bounty put out on his Limbaugh’s head, the idea of him becoming an owner is already dead in the water and he might as well be swimming with the fishes because in the eyes of those who will ultimately decided his fate, he’s already gone.

Maybe Limbaugh misunderstood the true definition of minority ownership and believed that he had found a legal loophole that would allow him to actually own minorities. Whether that was the case or Limbaugh was trying to become a part of the league he’s loved his entire life is irrelevant because his chances to succeed in this venture are about as good as slavery making a comeback. Sorry Rush, no team for you.

7 thoughts on “Not So Deep Thoughts: Limbaugh An NFL Owner, Not Bloody Likely

  1. Frank Azlin on said:

    So it’s good for the NFL’s image to have a rap artist as an owner but out of the question to have a conservative?

  2. mark bohne on said:

    These comments are so ignorant, I have to assume your advice on any subject must be just as faulty. On my way to unsubscribe from this insulting, idiotic, slanderous blog.

  3. Sam Johnson on said:

    Rush has been on radio three hours a day for over twenty years. These two quotes are the only thing "racist" you can find?

  4. Dave on said:

    You claim the comments don’t necessarily make him a racist but then go in the next sentence and call them racist comments. Doesn’t make any sense. As far as the NFL not wanting any controvesy, the Dolphins whom I’m a fan of, have minority owners like J-Lo who are less than controvesial in thier music but nobody says anything about that or how about the FCC laws Serena Williams broke at the US Open? It’s a double standard and nothing more than discrimination based on political preference by the NFL. All this coming from a real minority, an American of Cuban/Puerto Rican descent. YOur blog post is ridiculous.

  5. J. Franklin on said:

    The NFL must protect its image. With all the felons (including rapists and murders) now playing on NFL teams, it would be unthinkable to have an owner who has controversial opinions. No one should be able to mention the 29 NFL players arrested last year. That, no doubt, would be racist too.

  6. John Kindle on said:

    Did Keith Olbermann ghost-write this blog? This sounds like the hate speech he puts forth on MSNBC every night.

  7. james bores on said:

    Why is it this article hasn’t done its homework. What racist rmarks ha he made?

    He was accurate in his assessment of Donovan McNabb. He has always stated McNabb is very talented. He said it seemed like the media was rooting for him to succeed. Just like all the media are rooting on Obama to the point they have their blinders on to the Communist and Mao and Marxist (their words/speeches not mine) CZARS in the WHITE HOUSE!

    THe bloods and Cripts comment seems accurate too. How many times did it take before the NFL banned the gesture of slicing the neck. I guess that’s what you learn baking cookies or at the book club you belong too.

    Rush is to be faulted….he hasnt been convicted of drnk driving, killing someone drunk driving, assaulting any females he’s been with. Murder, multiple counts of dog killing or the like.
    He did have a problem with prescription pain killers, very similar to Brett Favre…yet Brett never got heat for it…he was given sympathy…and rightly so….RUSH got blackballed b/c the NFL listened to the true unemployed race hustlers Jesse Jackson and Al Shaprton…neither have ever had a real job.

    Not to be lost in all this is Dee Smith…the new head of the NFL Players Association. He (I GUARANTEE YOU!) will absolutely come up with ridiculous demands for the players (remember THEY get to dictate to the owners how much profit THE OWNERS get to keep for their priviledge of owning nearly billion dollar businesses). He will want to prove he is the right man to defeat the big bad capitalsit owners. Troy Vincent …former Pro Bowler would’ve been the better choice to lead the players. He is a stand up guy and has done wonderful things in his home of Trenton NJ where gangs still ruin many lives. He’s put his money where only AL, Jesse, and Dee Smith run their mouths!