Not So Deep Thoughts: Favreapalooza is a must-stop event

Let the record show that I’m a huge Green Bay Packer fan and despite
his diva-esque ways, I’m still a fan of Brett Favre. Just wanted to
clear that up before I plead with every sports-talk radio host, every
local beat writer, every local and national sports anchor not to
mention the clueless ladies several cubicles down who suddenly have an
opinion to just let it go.

This weekend’s Packers-Vikings showdown Part II feature’s Favre’s
return to Lambeau Field, the site of many of his legendary performances
during his 16 seasons in Green Bay. While I get it that Favre’s return
has all the makings of a Hollywood script minus Cameron Diaz, the focus
of this game should be on the on-field matchup and we can save the
“what color jersey will Deanna (Favre) be wearing?” stories for Remember, we’re favrebfc.jpgtalking about two playoff-contending teams
battling for NFC North supremacy here, not the Rams and Lions battling
for longest losing streak bragging rights.

Now, I’m not saying Favre’s return and all of it’s juicy subplots
shouldn’t be addressed by the media (and anybody with a voice) in the
days leading up to the game, but much like my tailgating intake prior
to kickoff, some things are simply better in moderation.

For example, one local sports radio station is hosting 20 straight
hours of pre-game coverage. That’s not a typo, 20 hours. To fill the
time, the station is planning on sements that will include the variety
of ways disgruntled fans should razz Favre, fake pre-game ceremony
options (including an impromptu jersey retirement that would be
cancelled at the last minute)  that will “make Favre understand what
he’s done,” and an in-depth look into the most disparaging jerseys worn
by former Favre fans.

And while the week-long hype will undoubtedly induce more vomitting
than the swine flu ever will, many in the area will eat it up like Mark
Sanchez snarfing down a hot dog on the sidelines.

I’m excited to see if the Packers can find a way to slow down Adrian
Peterson and establish a ground game of their own. I’m also anxious to
see if Dom Capers new-and-improved defense can get consistent pressure
on Favre and I’m curious to see if the Green Bay’s patchwork offensive
line can keep Jared Allen from buying a timeshare in the Packers’

As for all the pre-game Favreapalooza, you can have it. I’ll be
focusing my pre-game attention on the things that really matter, like
jaegerbombs and a meal that will fill me up so I can enjoy the four hours of
quality football that this matchup is sure to produce.


One thought on “Not So Deep Thoughts: Favreapalooza is a must-stop event

  1. Austy on said:

    Great column – even as a Vikings fan, I’m tired of all the Favre talk.