Not So Deep Thoughts: Crabtree's cards will soar, but not for a couple years

I recently read a story where it stated newly signed San Francisco receiver Michael Crabtree’s trading cards will soar in value now that he has ended his holdout and reported to the 49ers. Only time will tell on that one but the funny part of the story is that the quote was attributed to Crabtree’s agent Peter Miller.

While I applaud Miller’s efforts to get in front of the situation which has seen his card values drop dramatically since his lengthy holdout that ended on Oct. 7. When I first saw the headline I was interested to know who it came from but after finding out it was his agent, all credibility went out the window and the story was a complete waste of time and print.

Miller’s comments read as follows:2Crabtree.jpg

“Being positive, I think (his cards) are going to skyrocket because
he’s going to do great things when he gets on the field,” Miller said
Wednesday afternoon. “The team’s going to do well and he’s going to
help be part of that. I think he’s going to have a great season.

it’s going to depend on what happens on the field.That’s the truth. If
he goes and ends up making the playoffs and has a catch like Santonio
Holmes did (in the Super Bowl), then his trading card values are going
to go through the absolute roof.”

If you read a headline claiming “Tuff Stuff’s Sports Collectors Monthly readership will soon double that of Time and Sports Illustrated combined” you’d likely be intrigued enough to take a closer look at the article, right? But, if upon closer examinination you found out the quote came from the Tuff Stuff editor, you’d likely giggle and move on.

While I understand Miller is simply doing his job. He’s trying to create some hype for his client and help increase his card values in the process but there are more creative ways to do the same thing. For example, I’m sure Miller has some friends in the hobby that would be considered a much more reliable hobby source. Miller could make his claim but also add a quote from a true hobby source reitterating his point in the next sentence and his words would then hold a lot more water than they currently do. Just because someone says it doesn’t make it fact. Especially when that person is in position to make significant monetary gains by saying things like that. I just hope collectors are smart enough to recognize a man with an agenda vs. a man spreading factual information.

As for how Crabtree will fair in the NFL, the jury is still out. Missing the amount of practice time that Crabtree will likely make Crabtree a non-factor for the entire season. While there are exceptions to the rule, most receivers don’t make a significant impact until their third year in the league. It takes time to develop a repoire with your quarterback not to mention the 49ers propensity to run first and throw only when necessary. Through the first four games, only five teams have thrown for fewer yards than the 49ers who are averaging just 156 yards in the air.

While some could argue that Crabtree’s presence will open up the passing game, let’s not forget coach Mike Singletary is an old-school guy who believes in running the ball and playing defense. If Crabtree would’ve got his contract signed during Training Camp and was ready to go in Week 1, he might have been allowed to display his skills while star runner Frank Gore rehabs from an ankle injury. But the long holdout, coupled with his team’s style of play and Gore’s return coming sooner than later, Crabtree’s breakout performance likely won’t be seen for a long time.

I do believe Crabtree has talent and he will eventually excel in the league which will lead to success in the hobby. And for those who believe that as well, I hope you took advantage of his card values dipping from their once-revered spot among the NFL rookie elite and bought low. Because while I believe Crabtree has the potential to make his card values soar as his agent predicts they will, I just don’t see it happening any time soon.

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