Not So Deep Thoughts: Come on Chuck

I’ve always been a big fan of Charles Barkley but his recent stretch of dim-witted moves has him slipping on my fav’s list.

For those who don’t know, Barkley had a tough 2008. First he was forced to admit he had a serious gambling problem (let’s call it was it is, an addiction) and was forced to air his dirty laundry after a Las Vegas sportsbook went public that he owed them six figures. Then Barkley capped off the year with a OWI last week in Arizona.

I love to gamble, too, so I know how that can overcome even the best of us, but the OWI is simply inexcusable. While almost everybody over the age of 18 has driven after drinking and most have gone unscathed, I still don’t understand why wealthy people such as Barkley don’t simply hire someone to drive them on a night when they know they’ll be getting their drink on. You see it all the time, whether it’s Kiefer Sutherland, Mel Gibson, Joba Chamberlain or whoever, they can all afford to pay somebody $100 to drive them around for the night. My theory is that these celebs think they’ll be able to provide the arresting officer with a signed 8-by-10 photo and drive off with a warning but as the list continues to grow and grow, we see that those tactics aren’t working anymore.

 Once I make my first million, the first thing I’ll do is hire one of my buddies to drive me from one club to the next while I sit in the back, drunk as a skunk, care free, waiting for the next stop. I’ll happily pay the money I need to to make that a reality because the stress-free nights out on the town would simply be priceless. Now if somebody can just get the Chuckwagon to understand that, the roads will be safe for the rest of us.

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