Not So Deep Thoughts

I don’t typically talk about golf in this blog but after reading about golfer J.P. Hayes moral dilemma last week, I had to share it with you.

Hayes was playing in a PGA Tour qualifying tournament last week in Texas when on the 12th hole he hit a shot and then realized that the ball he was playing was a prototype ball which is illegal. He called an official over after realizing his mistake and was eventually disqualified from the tournament for using an illegal ball. The disqualification cost Hayes his PGA Tour card for the year and he will now be forced to play an extremely lighter schedule of events in less prestigious tournaments with less prize money available.

Hayes could’ve easily noticied the infraction, switched back to another legal ball and went about his round. His scores for the tournament were on pace for him to earn his card and nobody would’ve been the wiser had he just kept quiet about it. When asked about turning himself, Hayes said that any guy out here on tour “would’ve done the same thing.” Whether or not that’s the truth, we’ll never know. But one thing is for certain, Hayes won’t have any trouble sleeping anytime soon with that clear conscience of his.

Not sure how I would react in the same situation but I’m thinking more people than not would’ve done the ole switcharoo with the ball and went about their business without hesitation. Let me know what you would’ve done in his shoes.

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  1. Sandy on said:

    If you take a look back in the PGA history books you will find Greg Norman was in a similar situation back in the mid 90’s at the Greater Hartford Open. He played the first two rounds of the tournament, was doing well, and withdrew because there was some controversy over whether or not he was using a legal ball. That makes two honest PGA golfers. I think that is the beauty of golf…honesty and integrity…there are no umpires or referees…maybe I am a bit niave, but I sure hope all of the players on the PGA tournament would have made the same choice Hayes and Norman did.

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