Not So Deep Thoughts

Not sure what to make of the latest Brett Favre “episode.” I call it that because it seems like everything the aging QB does these days is something that should be airing on the new “90210” series.

On the latest episode, Favre was caught giving away information about his former team, the Packers, to the Lions, the team Green Bay just happened to be playing that week. As Fox’s Jay Glazer reported, Favre and friend Matt Millen, the Lions GM at the time, were talking on the phone in the days leading up to the Packers-Lions Week 2 matchup. After some back-n-forth regarding hunting, the discussion turned to what Favre might know about the Packers gameplan that might be able to help out Millen’s Lions. It’s not clear whether it was Favre giving up the information without any prodding or if Millen had to push him a little to give it up, but either way, the tarnished spot on the Favre legacy continues to grow.

A few days after the story broke, Favre realized his media-darling image was in question again so he realized it was time to start putting his own unique spin on the story. He admitted talking to Millen but said the two never talked about any gamplan-related information. Then in his best good ole boy southern drawl, he switched gears and stated that he didn’t call Tony Romo a couple weeks ago either (Favre had reportedly called the Cowboys QB in an effort to get him to play through the pain of a broken finger) which got a laugh from the media contingent on hand at the press conference. The Packers won the game against the Lions and won rather decisively, so it’s not clear if the QB-turned-informant didn’t provide enough secret information or if the Lions are simply that bad that they can’t win despite knowing what’s coming next.

While I’m a huge Packers fan and still remain a Favre fan despite all the drama, it’s hard to believe the future Hall of Famer when he continually places himself square in the middle of one controversy after another. As far as who to believe in this one, I can’t get passed the now-famous e-mail Favre sent out to the media when talk of him wanting to come out of retirement first surfaced this summer. It stated “It’s all rumors.” About a week later, Favre was sitting in front of the cameras stating that he wanted to come back and play. Who do you believe? You do the math.     

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