Not So Deep Thoughts

With the first night of the NBA schedule kicking off I had to wonder what David Stern and Co. were thinking when they picked the start date. I realize things have been this way for years now, but it sure seems like starting the NBA season a little later in the year would benefit all of those associated with the Association.

Think about it, wouldn’t in make more sense for the ratings-starved NBA to wait until the World Series is completely over before trying to steal some viewers and advertising dollars? I’m sure they realize they’re in a no-win situation when it comes to competing head-to-head against the almighty NFL, but taking on MLB at the same time is similar to picking a fight with two 20-year-old Mike Tysons. You can’t beat one so what makes you think two is a good idea?

I’m sure there has been a ton of research done that produced some sort of rationale as to why the NBA jumps in with the NFL season in full swing and Major League Baseball showcasing its biggest event, but nothing logical comes to mind that’s for sure. I realize that changing the time frame the NBA season kicks off would involve some major logistical issues and likely millions of dollars as well, but that money could be recouped over the long haul in additional ad revenue and an increased viewing audience.

When the choices are a meaningful midseason NFL game, Game 5 of the Fall Classic or the first of 82 meaningless NBA games, the options are simple – the baseball game on center stage, with the football game locked on your “last channel” button on your controller, with the NBA game only getting a look when both of the others have gone to commercials. Sometimes timing is everything, a fact lost on those running the NBA.

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