Keeping The Faith And Reaping The Rewards

Just got done riding one of the best roller coaster rides of my life. Another ride is scheduled to take off on Wednesday and I’ll be on board for that one, too. They say this next one could be even better, but I haven’t experienced the heightened level of excitement that the postseason ride carries with it since I was a kid so I hope my ticker can take it.

The ride I’m referring to is the Milwaukee Brewers incredible journey into its first postseason appearance in 26 years. The odyssey ended Sunday with a dramatic victory over the rival Cubs coupled with another late-inning collapse by the Mets.

Throughout the up-and-down season, many of my Brewer brethren were quick to exit the ride at the first sign of impending doom but I can honestly say my support for this team never wavered. Not during the team’s horrific month of May, not after the Brewers were swept by the Cubs in late July and not after the Mets busted out their own brooms during a three-game sweep over the Crew to open the month of September. Sure, I spent several nights this summer swearing at the TV after a forgettable batting-practice like pitching effort or the team’s inability to manufacture runs, but I always believed they’d some how find a way.

Putting yourself out there and keeping faith in your favorite team is a risky proposition much like telling that special someone you love them for the first time. It leaves you vulnerable to the prospect of being really hurt but when things work out like you hope it can leave you with a rewarding and fulfilling feeling like no other. Over the course of a 162-game schedule, the up-and-down relationship that we as fans often endure riding along with our favorite teams will often test a person’s faith. Maintaining that faith throughout despite the enevitible derailments that occur from time to time makes the ride just that much more fun. I’m proud to say I stayed put for the entire ride and plan to sit tight and keep my harness locked until the ride comes to a complete stop. Here’s hoping that won’t happen until Oct. 30.   

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