Jealousy Explains All The LeBron Haters

Jealousy can take on a variety of faces when it comes to the world of

Fans get jealous when they see a rival team’s top draft
transform from prospect into superstar while their guy is still
struggling in Double-A ball.

Fans get jealous when a rival team
trades for a once-promising player who then resurrects his career in his
new home and ultimately lives up to the promise he once possessed. If
we would’ve traded for him he would still stink like he always has,”
they would lament.

Fans get jealous when a rival team with a bigger
payrolwadelebronbosh.jpgl lands the top free agent available and he makes an immediate
impact. “Well of course they’re better than we are, they’re trying to
buy a championship and we can’t afford to do that,” they whine.

I too was briefly envious of the fans in South Beach since the LeBron
“decision,” came down, I haven’t fallen victim to the jealousy
pandemic that has been sweeping the country ever since. Other than the
unnecessary, overblown, Oprah-like interview that revealed his new
squad, I have no problem with LeBron’s decision to join forces with
Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami. It’s called free agency people. It
gives a player the right to sign with any team he wants. He selected Miami. You all loved
it the last time it helped your team improve so get over it.

I’m a
fan of the Milwaukee Bucks, always have been, always will. Would I have
rather had the Bucks sign LeBron and Bosh instead of Corey Magette and
Drew Gooden? You betcha. But I can’t really fault those guys for
choosing South Beach, the beautiful babies that populate it, the tax
break and the chance to play with two good friends over the arctic
winter months and snow bunnies of the midwest. I’ll take the guys we did get to come here and hope for the best.

And for those
poor Cleveland fans who are now reduced to focusing your rooting
interest on the hopeful resurgence of Jake Delhomme and Kerry Wood, get
over it. You had a good run. You got seven years more than anybody else
did and I’m not sure why you felt LeBron would commit his entire career
to your fair city anyway. Sports is a business and the days of
yesteryear when guys played their entire careers with one team have been
gone for years. I totally agree that LeBron should have informed the
team and owner Dan Gilbert of his decision before he hit the stage with
it, but other than that and some of the typically disappointment felt
after any team loses the services of a great player, Clevelanders have no reason for all the venom-spitting trash talk that has filled the
airwaves ever since he said goodbye. And I still find it curious why an
owner would covet a player and attempt to re-sign him to a $130 million
contract when he feels the player has been a self-absorbed star athlete
who quit on his team when it needed him most? That was the quickest about-face since Brittney Spears’ first marriage and about as classy.

Jealousy strikes again.

Dan Gilbert’s reaction was similar to how you
beg and plead with a girlfriend to give your relationship one more try
only to call her every derogatory term you can think of as she collects
her discs and walks out of your apartment for the last time. Jealousy
makes you do some crazy things.         

I guess I just don’t understand the country-wide backlash that followed
LeBron’s decision. Sure, the announcement was handled like The
tell-all episode but when he finally got around to
making his decision, what did he really do wrong? The breakdown is that he took less money to play with some friends in a quest to
capture his sports’ ultimate goal, an NBA Championship. And now he’s the
most hated man in all of sports? If he had bolted for a team with no
chance of winning in favor of the big money, then I would get it, but
that’s the exact opposite of how it played it.

Jealousy strikes yet again.

One thought on “Jealousy Explains All The LeBron Haters

  1. Steve on said:

    I guess you’re right. The days of a player trying to help his "team" win a championship are over. Now, its trying to find a group of players who might help "me" win a championship. There’s no doubt LeBron is a super talented player but in my opinion he lacks what 90% of todays player lack, CLASS. Guys like Jabar, Erving, Bird, Johnson, Duncan and so many others had more CLASS in their pinky finger than Lebron and most of todays players have in their whole being. Am I a disgruntled Cav’s fan?, no, I rarely watch pro basketball anymore, buts its impossible not to hear whats going on in sports today. A whole lot of "me’s" and very few "teams".