Favre's Return: A Surprise Or All Part Of The Plan?

This just in: Brett Favre has come out of retirement (for the
326th time if you’re scoring at home) and pending a physical, will
become an official member of the Minnesota Vikings very soon.

Vikings coach Brad Childress was apparently so happy to finally have Favre in the fold, that he personally picked him up at the airport. Can you Favre.jpgimagine Bill Belichick, Bill Parcells or Mike Ditka
doing that? I wonder if Childress rubbed his feet on the ride back, or
perhaps a back rub? Are you kidding me? Childress’ show of good faith
would’ve been understandable had Favre not already dissed him and the
Vikings, not once, but twice already. Just when the jokes about him
being left at the altar had started to subside, Childress somehow
managed to divide his team and make himself a punchline all over again.

But before Childress gets your vote for “Clown of the Year”
consider the possibility that he may have actually made the best of a
no-win situation. Perhaps last month when Favre met with Vikings
officials and ultimately determined that his surgically repaired
throwing arm wasn’t ready for a another comeback attempt, it was just
some good ole fashioned spin doctoring to hide the truth.

Perhaps Favre, the ultimate gamer who’s never been shy about his distain for Training Camp,
told Childress that he would love to play for the team but would rather
join the team after Camp was over. Instead of going public with Favre’s
conditions and facing the media backlash of allowing one of the inmates
to run the asylum, Childress and Co. came up with a Plan B that would
allow them to save a little face. Maybe last month’s meeting was purely
a meet and greet to see if Favre would be physically able to perform.
Then maybe, just maybe, Favre sensed the Vikings desperation to bring
him in at any cost and came up with his own plan that would ultimately
end with him joining the team, but only when he was good and ready.

At that point, the already all-in Vikings might have transformed
into hostage negotiator mode and decided that they would meet Favre’s
demands before he destroyed the team and the organization altogether. Maybe
the Vikings informed their players of the agreement during last month’s
circus and that explains how several players leaked this latest bit of
news Monday before Favre and the team made it official on Tuesday.
Hmmm? Makes you wonder doesn’t it? Could the whole thing have been
orchestrated so Favre got what he wanted (no two-a-days, no Training Camp, no bunking at the dorms with his younger, little-in-common teammates)
and the Vikings saved a little face by appearing to be just as
surprised as anybody else when Favre announced his latest reversal?

Only time will tell if some or all of my “Spin Doctoring” Theory
holds any water, but one thing is for sure, if this was a well-thought
out script designed to be win-win for all involved, whoever came up the Childress-picking-up-Favre-at-the-airport scene should be fired immediately and forced to write Infomercials for all of eternity because that was lame no matter what the circumstances were.

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