Favre signed helmet could make me a winner

I’m not a big auction guy, I’ll admit it. Don’t really believe in the saying “I won” such and such an item at an auction because when I win stuff I like the total cost to be zero dollars instead a couple hundred.

But despite my lack of participation in auctions, I’m relatively familiar with the auction process, as I’ve been helping with our sister company Favre.jpegCollect.com Auctions for a little more than now. And while writing up some descriptions and inspecting some of the inventory of the current Collect.com Auction’s sale, I noticed a gem that might just make some lucky collector a true “winner.”

This lot I’m referring to is a full-sized (7 1/4-7 3/4) Riddell helmet featuring
the signature of three-time NFL MVP and Super Bowl Champion Brett Favre.
The Green Bay Packers helmet is signed in green Sharpie above the logo
on the right side and comes with original certificate of authenticity
and PSA/DNA pre-certified.

Now, while there is still a long way to go before the auction ends (sale ends Aug. 12), this impressive lot is sitting at its minimum bid of $125 and could provide a steal for anyone willing to track it.

Living in Wisconsin Brett Favre has grown out of favor in these parts but he remains a living legend with a huge fan base on the national level. The current Tuff Stuff autograph price guide has an authentic full-size Favre helmet valued at $600 so any winning bid under $500 would be considered a steal.

While Favre was at one time a fairly regular autograph signer, his days of doing private signings have been a thing of the past for some time now. I don’t expect that to change until he ultimately retires and returns to the circuit five years after he calls it a career just prior to getting his bust in Canton. And after a brief HOF signing tour with the others in his class I predict Favre will go into a prolonged hiding just like he currently does each off-season.

Factor in that a lot of the Favre signed memorabilia in circulation is the same as Elaine’s satisfaction level for Jerry in the bedroom (fake, fake, fake, fake) on Seinfeld, and getting your hands on a guaranteed authentic item such as this suddenly seems like a really sound investment.

Perhaps I’ll put my personal feelings of betrayal aside long enough to jump in on the bidding. Might just end up “winning” my first auction item.  

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