Favre-Pack showdown Part III not in Green Bay's best interest

Here’s a warning to all Green Bay Packer fans and sports fans in
general: Last night’s overtime loss in Chicago means a Minnesota-Green
Bay Wild Card Threequel has become a very realistic possibility. While
a third meeting between the bitter rivals seemed like a long shot a
couple days ago, the Vikings third loss in their last four games has
opened up the favrebfc.jpgpossibility of another Brett Favre-Green Bay showdown and
virtually every fan here in Wisconsin would like nothing more than one
more shot at redemption against Favre and the Vikes.

For Round 3 to come to fruition, the Vikings would need to drop their
season finale against the Giants, the Eagles would need to beat the
Cowboys and the Cardinals (who, along with Philadelphia are still vying
for the No. 2 seed and home-field advantage) would need to beat the
Packers.All three are realistic possibilities.

While I would love the drama and build-up leading up to a rematch with
the Vikings as much as any cheesehead, I don’t necessarily think a
third meeting would net a different result than the first two despite
Minnesota’s recent struggles.

If a team hits the skids, drops two games in a row to teams it
should’ve  beaten easily with more of its weaknesses being exposed in
each outing, a team its handled twice already might be the only thing
to stop the bleeding. Familiarity might breed contempt like it
eventually did when Favre wore out his welcome in Tundra land, but
familiarity coupled with confidence would likely be a cure-all for the
suddenly struggling Vikings.

Sure, it’s tough to beat a team three times in one season but be careful what you wish for Packer fans. I say go Cowboys.   

One thought on “Favre-Pack showdown Part III not in Green Bay's best interest

  1. Mr. Realistic on said:

    Are you serious? Among playoff teams, Packers are among three playing well right now with Philly and Zona. Saints are struggling, but will have a bye to get things turned around, Favre and Childress egos will continue to crash Vikings ship and Cowboys … well they’re the Cowboys, they don’t scare anybody.