Dungy's comments to Ryan way off base

If you haven’t heard the news, former coach and current all-around good guy Tony Dungy has a problem with people who swear. Specifically New York Jets coach Rex Ryan, who’s Chris Rock-like diatribe on the first couple episodes HBO’s “Hard Knocks” series has Dungy outraged.

Really Tony? Really? You have a hard time accepting the fact that an NFL coach drops F-bombs from time to time? Oh my goodness, who knew? I understand that Dungy is a devout Christian and went his entire 12-year head coaching career without uttering a swear word. And good for him for staying true to what he believes in. But to say he wouldn’t hire a guy like Ryan because of his foul language is just plain asinine, sorry about my language.

The reason people enjoy “Hard Knocks” is because it’s real, it’s genuine. The series gives you a backstage pass into a team’s Training Camp like nothing ever has before. It shows you the high, ttony-dungy.jpghe lows, the good, the bad and the ugly. And in the course of providing you with that almost all-access view, you’re going to hear what the players and coaches are saying, unfiltered and unscripted, F-bombs included. It’s an NFL reality series without scripts Tony and it comes with a warning before each episode begins. It states that the following program includes profanity. If if didn’t include profanity it wouldn’t be real and it was lose it’s appeal, it’s uniqueness and the warning should allow those offended to find an alternative program to watch.

After a 31-year career as a player and a coach in the NFL, I’m guessing Dungy is very familiar with some of the language being uttered on the practice field and within the locker room. If he went into his viewing of the show with different expectations he’s dumber than his comments have made him appear. 

Dungy even went so far as to say NFL Commissoner Roger Goodell should have a talk with Ryan. I agree. And the first topic of conversation should be to agree that Tony Dungy is a f%@!&ing whack job who needs to focus on his latest book tour and not what’s being said on NFL practice fields.

2 thoughts on “Dungy's comments to Ryan way off base

  1. Kayla on said:

    I think people who have a problem with what Tony Dungy said need to actually hear the interview. I was listening to the interview when it happened. Dungy didn’t rip Rex Ryan, he just said he wouldn’t want that kind of language around him. His concern is kids listening to that type of language. He’s heard that type of language and thinks there may be other ways to express yourself and your point than having every other words being an f-bomb. And let’s not forget, every coach has their own way of running a team, Tony Dungy’s doesn’t include swear words overtaking what he is trying to accomplish.
    The New York media and many others have blown this up into something it is not and not getting it right.

  2. FAMDaddy on said:

    It would be nice if all those that impact & mentor young men & young ladies actually better learn how to speak the English language without all the expletives. Tremendous "KUDOS" to Tony for developing that skill and still expressing himself passionately as a Head Football Coach! I fully understand the point that he is trying to make!!

    Coach FAM