Day Late, Dollar Short NFL Predictions

While I might be a little late in getting these predictions out to you, I plan on making up for my tardiness with some good old fashioned accuracy. There will be no Swami-like (aka Chris Berman) “Seattle Seahawks will win the Super Bowl” picks and because of me being late, there will be no fashionable New England Patriots picks either.

So let’s end the suspense and breakdown the NFL Playoffs rignfl-shield-mark-cl.jpght here and now before the season is half over and nobody gives me any credit when my predictions become reality.

Dallas’ pass defense looks a little vulnerable right now and the loss of Roy Williams surely isn’t going to help a team that doesn’t tackle well already but this team possesses enough offensive firepower to make up for of its defensive issues. Cowboys win the East and earn the No. 1 seed in the postseason.

Because they’re playing in the NFC North and because they are loaded with young talent on both sides of the ball, Green Bay runs away with the division and rides the arm of Rodgers and the legs a RB stable of Grant, Jackson and Lumpkin (remember that name) and earns the No. 2 seed.

The playoff format is set up to reward the division winners so despite the fact that Philly and the Giants finish with better records than New Orleans, the Saints earns the No. 3 seed by virtue of winning the South and Arizona earns the No. 4 seed after winning the West.

Tom Brady’s injury affects the AFC but not as much as many would lead you to believe. Despite the loss of their HOF QB, the Patriots still have enough to hold off a late charge by the surprising Bills to win the East.

Pittsburgh has the best team on both sides of the ball and rides its well-balanced offense into a No. 1 seed.

With Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall becoming more in sync with each passing day, the Broncos have just enough on defense to steal the West from teh disappointing Chargers. Denver earns the No 2 seed and the Patriots settle for No. 3 while San Diego players get to hit the links in January instead of waiting until February like many predicted.

A banged up Indy squad somehow manages to win the South and snag the No. 4 seed with Buffalo and Jacksonville rounding out the group at Nos 5 and 6, respectively.

N.Y. Giants over Arizona 
New Orleans over Philly
New England over Jacksonville
Buffalo over Indianapolis
Green Bay over N.Y. Giants
Dallas over New Orleans
Pittsburgh over Buffalo
Denver over New England
Super Bowl XLIII
Dallas Cowboys 34, Pittsburgh 24

Let’s check back on this blog post when the playoffs get started and see how close I came. Then again, maybe we shouldn’t. Let me know what you think of my fearless (or shopuld I say clueless) predictions and then let’s see how you think things will shake out in the NFL this year.

2 thoughts on “Day Late, Dollar Short NFL Predictions

  1. KP on said:

    These predictions seem to be a little bit of a strecth!
    Better do a little more homewor before offering that up!!

  2. tim j on said:

    Fragale picking the Steelers to reach the Super Bowl? Now there’s a shock 🙂

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