Bold Predictions With The Emphasis On Bold

After reading the latest Sporting News in which they make their annual
baseball predictions, I decided to put my own crystal ball to the test.

But unlike my Sporting News brothers who boldly predicted seven of the
eight teams from last years playoffs would make a return visit to the
postseason, I’m actually going to put bold to the test with some picks
that are let’s just say, a little more unorthodox than most others
you’ll see.

The best part of making predictions such as these is that if you hit on
a fare amount of them you can puff out your chest and tell everybody
how brilliant you are when you check back in seven months. And if you
don’t hit on any of your picks, you can hope anybody who reads this
will have moved on and could care less how poorly your guesstimations
were. Either way, good, clean fun. And just to make it more
interesting, I’ll give anyone who can pick all eight of the playoff
teams correctly four unopened boxes of baseball cards and five
autographed photos for their efforts. The only stipulation is that you
have to remind me in October and you can’t pick the same eight as I do.
Good luck.

AL East Champion:
With the addition of Curtis Granderson to the
lineup and Javier Vazquez to the rotation, the defending champs might
be better than last year. I’m reluctantly going with the Yankees to
win the division but I like the Rays to edge the BoSox for the
runner-up spot because I believe Tampa’s lineup can score outscore
almost anybody.

AL Central Champion:
While the fashionable pick seems to be the
Twins again this year, I can’t get past the White Sox impressive
pitching rotation and the potential of their lineup. With Mark Buehrle,
Jake Peavey, John Dans, Gavin Floyd and even Freddy Sanchez to a lesser
degree, Chicago’s staff can matchup 1-5 with any team in the either
league. Couple that with my belief that Alex Rios, Alexei Ramirez and
Carlos Quinten will all produce bounce-back seasons and the pick is the
Southsiders. With an impressive staff of its own, I think the Tigers
will be close behind and Minnesota will have to settle for a
third-place finish.

AL West Champion: I’ve seen may experts going with Seattle to
win the West but I see too many holes in their lineup and a big
drop-off after Felix Hernandez and Cliff Lee on the pitching staff to
contend. Despite the lack of a true No. 1 starter, the depth of the
Angels’ pitching staff should keep them in almost every game and a
lineup that can do damage 1-9 should allow them to rise above the rest
in the West. I like the pitching-strapped Rangers to take second,
Seattle third and I expect Oakland could be mathematically eliminated
by Mother’s Day.

NL East Champion: With virtually all the same pieces to the
puzzle returning from last year’s World Series team it’s pretty hard
not to like the Phillies in the East. Factor in the addition of
arguably the best pitcher in the game in Roy Halladay and you have a
recipe for a repeat. I like the Braves pitching to helkp them edge the
Marlins for the runner-up spot.

NL Central Champion: In what I believe is the most competitive
division in all of the land, I’m going to give the nod to the Cubs. As
a Brewers fan I have a hard time going that route but I believe a
rejuvenated and slimmed down Carlos Zambrano will solidify the best
overall staff and help lead the Northsiders to the top. Defending champ
St. Louis will be right there until the final days and so will
Milwaukee. I also believe the Reds will surprise many by remaining in
contention until the final month but in the end, their pitching won’t
be enough to get over the hump.

NL West Champion:
While the Central is the most competitive
division, the West is easily the hardest to figure. If the Giants had
more offense they’d be an easy pick with their impressive pitching
staff in toe and the Rockies would be an easy pitch if they had more
quality arms. The Dodgers are solid in both areas but not overly
impressive in either. The Diamondbacks are in trouble in Brandon Webb
is unable to get healthy and the Padres lineup looks solid from top to
bottom but their pitching staff features five No. 3 starters. I think
they’ll have to go out and sign another bat before the trade deadline,
but if they can solidify the lineup for the stretch run, I think the
Giants will somehow find a way to score just enough to compliment their
impressive pitching and win the West.

Postseason Matchups:

Yankees vs. White Sox
Angels vs. Rays
Yankees vs. Rays
Phillies vs. Giants
Cubs vs. Braves
Phillies vs. Cubs
World Series
Cubs vs. Yankees
World Champion
Chicago Cubs

Individual Awards
AL Pitcher of the Year: Justin Verlander
NL Pitcher of the Year: Roy Halladay
AL Rookie of the Year: Brian Matusz
NL Rookie of the Year: Jason Heyward
AL MVP: Miguel Cabrera
NL MVP: Hanley Ramirez

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  1. michael murphy on said:

    Postseason Matchups:
    Yankees vs. Angels
    Boston vs. Rays
    Angels vs. Boston
    Phillies vs. Giants
    Cubs vs. Mets
    Phillies vs. Mets
    World Series
    Mets vs. Boston
    World Champion