Beat the Blogger Winner

While the Blogger’s score of 4 correct made many eligible to Beat the Blogger, it was Lance Greathouse’s score of 9 that took home the prize on a week full of upsets. Thanks to all that played and thanks for recruiting some newcomers as well. Let’s try and do the same this week and get a record turnout and with this week’s winner being a first-timer, it just shows how easy it is to Beat the Blogger and win.

With the number of weekly participants slipping a bit the last few weeks I’m making a call to action to all of our regulars
to do some recruiting. While more people means more work for the
Blogger and more people for the Blogger to go up against, I welcome the
challenge and offer this challenge to you: If each player can recruit 10 new players and we can boost the total to 200 or more, I’ll triple the weekly prize. So spread the word about the contest to all your co-workers, family and friends and meet that goal and boost the prize.

Copy and paste our link and send it to your friends so they can be a part of the action,

This week’s winners are posted
below and this week’s matchups will be posted on Wednesday a.m. so make sure
you get your picks posted before the start of the
first game to be eligible to win this week’s prize. As always, good

While I
enjoy giving prizes to several people vs. having just one weekly
winner, from this point forward contestants will be asked to provide a tie-breaker on the week’s last game so we narrow our winner down to one. Contestants
will now b
contest.jpge asked to predict the total score from the last game on the
list and the closest to the actual score will be deemed the winner
). I’ll also require contestants to post their e-mail address with their picks so I can track down the winners easier.

For those unfamiliar with the Beat the Blogger contest,
the idea is simple. The Blogger posts 10 matchups each week and then
selects his choices for the winners of those matchups. Contestants
enter the Beat the Blogger contest by clicking on the “Comment” section below the post with the matchups and then select their own 10 winners. You can also designate one of your picks as a “Doubler”
and you will receive an extra point if you’re correct so don’t forget
to designate your “Doubler” pick and increase your chances of winning.
If you Beat The Blogger’s total and post the high score for the week, you win. The regular weekly prize is an authentic signed 8-by-10 color photo of stars such as LaDainian Tomlinson, Drew Brees, Marshall Faulk, Santonio Holmes, Gale Sayers, Catfish Hunter
and many more. From time to time, the Blogger will sweeten the pot for
the weekly contest so look for special prize packages.

This week’s matchups
(with winning picks in parenthesis)
Saturday, Dec. 20
NFL Football
Dallas at New Orleans (Dallas)
Sunday, Dec. 21
Miami at Tennessee (Tennessee)
Cleveland at Kansas City (Cleveland)
Atlanta at NY Jets (Atlanta)
San Francisco at Philadelphia (Philadelphia)
Green Bay at Pittsburgh (Pittsburgh)
Tampa Bay at Seattle (Tampa Bay)
Cincinnati at San Diego (San Diego)
Oakland at Denver (Oakland)
Minnesota at Carolina (Carolina)
Tiebreaker: Total points in Minnesota-Carolina game (33)

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