Beat The Blogger results

Reporting live from the Hawaii Trade Conference (held this year in Palm Harbor Florida) this week so the regular routine will be somewhat different than a normal week, but I did want to get you the results asap so you can see how you fared.

The Blogger posted another dismal week, correctly picking just four of the 10 matchups so there should be plenty of you in the running for the prize. While I will be posting the results to the matchups, I won’t be able to post our winner of the week until I return on Friday. At that time (FRIDAY) I will post the winner and post the new matchups so please remember to check back a little later in the week to participate in this week’s Beat The Blogger contest. As always, good luck and thanks for playing.


(MLB) Cleveland vs. NY Yankees total runs: 6 or less/7 or more (7 or more)

(MLB)St. Louis vs. Chicago Cubs More HRS: (TIE) PUSH

(MLB) Arizona vs. San Francisco total hits: (San Francisco)

(MLB) Milwaukee vs. NY Mets total errors: 1 or less/2 or more (1 or less)

(MLB) Chicago White Sox vs. Tampa Bay total stolen bases: (Tampa)

(NHL) Calgary vs. Chicago total goals: 4 or less/5 or more (5 or more) 

(NHL) Anaheim vs. San Jose winner: Anaheim

(NHL) Pittsburgh vs. Philadelphia more penalty minutes: (Philadelphia)

(NBA) Detroit vs. Cleveland Total points: 185 or less/186 or more (186 or more)

(NASCAR) Higher finish: Jimmie Johnson/Carl Edwards (Johnson)

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