Beat The Blogger Results

First off, I’d like to apologize for being late with last week’s results from the Beat The Blogger contest but for our two lucky winners, it should be worth the wait. “Johnny G” and “Harry” each scored 10 of a possible 11 points to share the top spot and win the weekly prize.CHIPPER JONES PHOTO.jpg

In case you haven’t posted your picks for this week’s contest, the matchups are posted and the first game doesn’t start until Saturday so make sure you get in before it’s too late. Also, don’t forget to designate the pick your most confident in as your “Doubler” to receive and extra point if you’re correct, it could be the difference between winning and coming in second.

I recently got a hold of an authentic signed Chipper Jones jersey and I will be giving it away to the winner of an upcoming Beat The Blogger Contest. Of course, to give away a great prize like that, we’ll need to boost the number of participants as well so make sure you start spreading the news about the weekly contest and stay tuned for more details about this great giveaway. I’ll have more details coming soon.

One thought on “Beat The Blogger Results

  1. MARINO#13 on said:

    Hello Scott first off welcome back hope you had a great trip you lucky dog you !!! lol !! also I wanted too thank you Scott and the Tuff Stuff Clan Joe,Tom,and the rest but THANKS FOR ALL THESE CONTESTS that you guys do for us collectors/fans too get us too kow you guys better also too get us closer too the game !! YOU ROCK !!! HOPE I WIN THE CHIPPER JERSEY AS I’M THE BIGGEST FAN OF HIM & the BRAVES !!! WELL THANKS AGAIN TOO ALL & GOOD LUCK TOO ALL !! I WILL TRY A LITTLE HARDER FOR THAT ONE !!!! THANKS ERIC CARLSON