Are You Ready For Some Football?

With the new NFL season just days away, many begin to turn their focus from the pennant races to the start of the NFL campaign where every team is still hopeful of making the postseason and nobody has been mathematically  eliminated yet. Except for the Chiefs that is, they’re officially done.
While they’re are a ton of rookies entering the league with high expectations and high price tags on their memorabilia, I started to think about which players would be the guys who go from a blip on the radar screen into tomorrow’s superstars.
I just got back from hosting one of our company’s high-stakes Fantasy FB drafts in Orlando and if the guys who are spending the big bucks to play have any idea, there should be several guys to target for your collections before they transform into superstars and their values skyrocket into another tax bracket.
Some of the young players expected to emerge this year (in no particular order) were: Steve Slaton; Rashard Mendenhall, Josh Morgan; Mike Hart; Tim Hightower, Darren Sprowles and Ryan Torain.
While there are no sure things if life, Fantasy FB and especially collecting, but these guys spend a lot of time and money preparing for their drafts and these guys are definitely worth keeping an eye on.
Everyone knows about Darren McFadden, James Stewart and even Mendenhall, but who are some of the other guys you’ll be targeting for your teams and your collections this year. LMK, I’d like to hear your thoughts.

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  1. NOAUmp1 on said:

    As a set builder and a long time subscriber to Tuff Stuff. I like to check back issues 5 years or so and find which of the rookie crop has actually "made it". Them I am reminded that sometimes even the experts can get it wrong

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