A Collector On A Mission

While I can’t provide too many details just yet because the story will soon be featured in an issue of Tuff Stuff’s Sports Collectors Monthly, I will provide you a brief outline of the story and let you decide how interesting you find it.

The hobby we all love has been in some trouble for many years now. An over-saturated card market, shill bidding among the auction houses and counterfeiting are just some of the plagues that have threatened the sports memorabilia industry. Although it appears that the tide is slowly turning and the worst times are behind us, many challenges remain.

During the tough times and even prior to them, one of the biggest challenges facing anybody and everybody associated with the hobby has been how to get the next generation of kids interested in the hobby. It’s a question that everyone agrees is No. 1 on the must-do list, but yet we haven’t seen any major revolutionary innovations that have captured the attention of America’s youth.

The focus of the upcoming story will describe in detail a man who has basically dedicated the last decade of his life to turning his idea into a reality. The basic idea he came up with is to educate children about the hobby and educate them using the hobby as a guide. And in the process of all this educating, the children not only learn about math, geography and other subjects, they learn to love sports and the hobby.

While this idea wasn’t easy to come up with it’s been even more difficult to implement into a reality. It’s caused the innovator hundreds of thousands of dollars, his marriage and countless hours of his life. While he’s been frustrated by the lack of cooperation he’s gotten from those in the hobby who would benefit most from his ideas, he remains more determined than ever to reach his goal.

It’s not very often when you run into a genuine good guy in the sports memorabilia hobby. And while the jury is still out on whether or not his dream will become a reality, it’s a story that if shared with others, could help it come to fruition. Look for the detailed account of this story coming in Tuff Stuff’s Sports Collectors Monthly. If anything else, it might just inspire you to try and preserve the hobby we all love.     

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